Stripes Convenience Stores (Writer) – Because everyone loves a massive selection of cold drinks. Well…almost everyone.

Laredo Taco Company (Writer/CD) – Authentic tacos made from scratch daily by people who really love tacos, for people who really love tacos.

Kick Citrus Soda (Writer) – Because describing RC Cola’s highly caffeinated Mountain Dew-like drink for teens as “green” and “tasty” didn’t seem to cut it.

Texas DSHS Smokeless Tobacco Prevention (Writer/CD) – A little ditty I wrote and co-produced about the unique joys of dip-related tongue fungus. Tequila Mockingbird created the music. Won Radio Best of Show in the Addys.

American Cancer Society Tobacco Quitline (CD) – Quitting smoking requires breaking some deeply ingrained habits. This spot looks at the day-to-day rhythms of a smoker's world, both before and after calling the ACS Quitline.

Frost Bank Financial Management Group (Writer/CD) – How do you make radio interesting when you're a) selling financial services; and b) can't rely on humor? Best enjoyed in stereo.

DSHS Kidney Disease Prevention (Writer/CD) – What if our kidneys were as much a part of the vernacular as every other body part? Maybe then the surprisingly large number of people who are at risk for kidney disease might pay more attention and get the test that could potentially save their lives.

Bad Dog Comedy Theater Pre-Opening Teasers (Writer) – I’ve worked on some tough assignments, but nothing compares to the challenge of writing funny radio for clients who are professional comedians. Oh, and budget required that they be the talent as well.

Bad Dog Comedy Theater (Writer) – Also produced using our comedian clients as talent. This spot ran after the club had opened.

SEIKO MessageWatch Campaign (Writer/CD) – Before smart phones were everywhere, this watch could receive sports scores, stock closings, personal messages and the exact atomic time. For gadget freaks, it was more than another toy – it was a chance to feel like James Bond.