Branding/Product Naming

Cataracts rob you of your vision and your independence. But cataract surgery sounds scary. For Alcon, we repositioned the simple procedure (the world’s most frequently performed surgery) as an opportunity to get your life back – your own personal Independence Day.

I created the brand, the tagline and the URL. Won “Best Integrated Campaign” in the Medical division at the 2014 Web Marketing Association awards. (Writer)

Teen-targeted campaign designed to raise awareness of the dangers of dip and smokeless tobacco. (Writer/CD)

Designed to raise awareness of Houston-area residents' impact on Galveston Bay and spur personal action to take care of it. (Writer/CD)

Austin Energy's rebate and incentive program for energy efficiency upgrades. (Co-writer/CD)

Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality's effort to recognize companies who reduced diesel-related pollution from their fleets. (Writer/CD)

Aimed at Oregon SNAP recipients, this program touted the importance of choosing more fruits and vegetables for their families' meals. (Co-writer/CD)

Created tagline for this manufacturer of APUs – basically, small, efficient generators that allowed drivers of big rigs to spend the night comfortably in their cab without wastefully (and in some cases illegally) running the truck's engine. (Writer/CD)

Named more than 75 menu items for On The Border. (Writer/CD)


I’ve worked on more than a hundred name generation projects in my career, ranging from campaign brands and product monikers to naming dozens of dishes for a national Mexican restaurant chain.