Print/Out of Home

Print ad reminding restaurant customers to speak up about secondhand smoke. (CD)

Houston-area residents who live far from the water don't always realize how their actions can impact the health of Galveston Bay. The image on the left shows how the ad actually ran; the image on the right shows how the ad looked when flipped to read the other headline. (Writer/CD)

"Living billboard" for (CD)

B2B campaign for a maker of auxillary power units, which allow drivers of big rigs to power their equipment during government-mandated rest periods without wasteful engine idling. (Writer/CD)

Billboard series for R.C. Cola's teen-targeted Mountain Dew competitor. (Writer)

Championship basketball, San Antonio-style. (CD/Writer)

Buying tobacco under the age of 18 comes with a penalty much worse than jail time. (Writer/CD)

Frost Bank – one of the last Texas banks actually from Texas. (Writer/CD)

Queso-smothered billboard for a Tex-Mex restaurant chain. (Writer/CD)